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Here’s what is on my mind. I am passionate about connecting talented people with prospective employers, assignments and work opportunities. I explore ideas and musings about how I see digital technology being leveraged to build the professional profiles of individuals looking for work and companies looking to attract talent.

I pride myself on my pragmatism. Each blog post contains actionable steps to improve your company or personal professional profile.

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Work Seekers
  • Professional networking large crowd of people
    Professional Networking - Who knows what you know?
  • Building networks online
  • employee referral
    Employee Referrals and AI
  • Job Referees - Etiquette 101
  • Professional networking - Time for a connection clean up?
  • AI robot
    Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment
  • couches in coworking space
    Coworking space near me? The pros and cons of building your business alongside others
  • talent pool
    Why talent pool innovation is essential for company success
  • Stairs with writing on them
    Brain power boost - Use your collective company brains trust to improve your hires
  • Man looking at laptop screen
    Will an employer check my social media accounts before hiring?
  • Apply now button on computer
    Creating a compelling call to action in EVERY job advertisement
  • Employees getting together
    Employee Resource Groups
  • Table with laptop coffee
    How to find freelance work
  • Woman recording video
    Personal Branding Videos - Amplify your Digital Personal Brand
  • iphone taking video of work team
    Video Job Ads - Why Video Content is More Compelling than Still Imagery
  • Candidate you just interviewed not right for the job? It's not wasted time - here's why.
  • Twitter symbol on mobile phone
    Using Twitter for Job Search and Profile Building
  • iphone with social media buttons
    Social networking - Build your professional brand
  • How to retain employees - The Best Ones!
  • Interviewer preparation
    Interviewer Preparation Essentials
  • Recruiting email templates
    Recruiting Email Templates and the Candidate Experience
  • Diversity and Inclusion sign
    Diversity and Inclusion - How do you make your strategy visible to candidates?
  • Talent Acquisition Process
  • Baby boomer years | Bouncing back as a flexible worker
  • Job Description Tips and Innovation
  • Employee Referral Programs - Pivotal to your company's success
  • Importance of digital presence
    The importance of digital presence
  • Photoshoot set up
    Personal Brand Strategy - How are you growing your online professional brand?
  • Re-visit your interview process
    Interview process methodology review to attract top talent
  • Personal Social Media Strategy
    Personal Social Media Strategy Development
  • Employer branding to attract talent
    Employee branding tips to attract the very best talent
  • Onboarding exceptional experience
    The onboarding process - Creating an exceptional new starter experience
  • Light bulbs representing new ideas
    Disrupt your own recruitment process and talent acquisition approach
  • Apprenticeship feature image
    Electrician Apprenticeships + Carpentry + Hairdressing - Resume and Cover Letter Advice
  • Telling candidates what is next
    It's a candidates' market - Success lies in solving candidate problems
  • Internships are worth consdidering
    Internship Opportunities - Stand out to employers
  • Meetups for freelancers
    Freelance Marketplace - The places to meet other freelancers and thrive
  • Start Up Grind Recruitment Trends
    Startup Grind Asia Pacific Conference December 2018 - Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Trends
  • Gig Economy Apps
  • Exit sign
    Exit Interview Template - Creating Powerful Retrospective Reviews
  • Writing Key Achievements
    Developing Compelling Key Achievements for Your Resume
  • Happy employees
    Build Your Employer Brand - Transform your candidate experience
  • Handshake over desk
    Job interview questions - A pragmatic guide to value based hiring
  • Essential Elements of a Personal Website
    Essential Elements of a Personal Website
  • Contingent work and employment - Is this the sign you have been looking for?
  • Does your company have a mobile only recruitment strategy?
  • Personal Branding - What does your digital professional shopfront say about you?
  • Recruitment documentation
    Recruitment Marketing - Do your digital recruitment documents stand out from the crowd?
  • Ask questions at interview
    The Art of Asking Questions - Why you MUST ask questions at interviews
  • 6 ways you can amplify your professional brand
  • Looking for Talent? Optimise Your Careers Page