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Hi. I’m Kate. Welcome to my digital home.

You can find me in other digital places too, like LinkedIn, but this is where I keep my portfolio of work and some additional details about my professional experience. My blog lives here as well.

I am a recruitment and talent acquisition specialist with 20 years of corporate experience. I am passionate about connecting talented individuals with equally talented companies, opportunities and projects.

These days I freelance. I develop bespoke, high touch, forward thinking people strategies for companies as well as personal brand strategies for talented individuals to optimise digital visibility.

Why Work with Me?

Are you a talented individual needing help to grow your professional profile?

I can help you to articulately reflect your many capabilities in your professional profile assets.

I can position you or your company, so that your unique story is told by you…in a number of places. You are not generic. Whilst the process to create and take control of your profile is standardised, your experience and message is not.

I will help you to amplify your unique value – whether you are looking for a permanent, contract, freelance or casual role or even looking to make your mark in the gig economy, I can help.

Proactively building your professional profile creates greater online visibility. Digital disruption means you have more leverage than ever to use a range of media channels to amplify your brand

I offer bespoke services

I know the importance of building profiles – with over 20 years of experience placing candidates into roles into a blue chip client base. No matter how you work, I know what clients look for when bringing talent on board.

What drives me

  • Contribution – adding REAL value to those I work with
  • Collaboration –  working closely with my clients to create authentic professional profiles
  • Passion for using technology to boost professional profiles – energised by amplifying professional profiles to drive improved connections, work opportunities and networks