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The best email for interview follow up

Just been to a job interview? Bet you are wondering what the best email for an interview follow up looks like. I’ve got you covered.

It can be hard to find the right words to use when you are sending an email after a job interview. Have you ever pondered, does this email follow up look a little too “needy” or is it a perfectly reasonable and professional thing to do?

Well it depends.

Sending off a long winded email is probably not going to do you any great favours, but a short follow up email is often the best way to go.

Including too much information in your email after a job interview is likely to create the wrong impression. It might also look a little desperate. The best email for interview follow up is short and succinct and should communicate that you value to the time the interviewers took to meet with you.

You are likely to have a “gut feel” for whether a follow up email is appropriate after your job interview depending on the role type and the personality of those you met with.

Sample follow up emails

If you decide that an email is appropriate, here are some ideas for what you might like to say:

Dear (name)

I just wanted to follow up with you to thank you for taking the time to meet with me today for the (role title) position.

I really enjoyed our discussion and I am particularly like the sound of the role because….


I really enjoyed meeting with you (and your team) and look forward to hearing from you (your company) with next steps.

Please don’t hesitate to call me if you have any further questions for me. You can reach me on (contact number) or via this email address.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards

(Your name)

If it has been a few days since you last heard from the company and you are keen to hear how your application is progressing, you might like to email something like this:

Dear (name)

My name is (name) and I met with you on (date) for the role of (role title). I am following up to see how my application is progressing.

I wondered if you might be able to give me any insight into when I might hear if I have (been successfully shortlisted to the next stage)/(reached the next stage in your recruitment process)/(am still in consideration for the role)?

I am still very interested in the (role title) position and welcome any feedback you might have for me at this point. I can be contacted on (contact number) or via this email address.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards

(Your name)

For more sample email content ideas, check out the Further Reading and Resources section below.

Shown respect and patience

As you know, workplaces can be very busy. The person (or people) who interviewed you are likely to have many competing priorities to contend with and this can slow down the process of getting interview feedback.

Try to be patient and avoid sending emails or making calls where you air your frustration.

Remember that every interview is a learning opportunity. It connects you with new contacts and you never know when you may come across those people again in your career. Building bridges, not burning bridges is a great by product of any interview!

Don’t forget to add any new contacts you make during any interview process, to your professional network. You can do this by connecting with people who have interview you via LinkedIn.

Wishing you luck and confidence as you attend job interviews!

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