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Recruiting Email Templates and the Candidate Experience

Creating an exceptional candidate experience is imperative in today’s job market. With so many work opportunities, candidates will sometimes decide which company to join, based on their experience throughout the recruitment process. And this extends to the email communication during the recruitment process.

Whilst digital transformation has made communicating with candidates a lot more efficient for recruitment and talent acquisition teams, candidates still seek some level of customisation in the emails you send to them.

Not every company can afford an automated system in which to load email templates. But that shouldn’t stop you from developing email templates.

Here is why:

Recruiting email templates save you time

When you write emails to candidates “from scratch” each time, you are wasting valuable time you could be using to talk with candidates directly. Recruitment email templates you can cut and paste create efficiencies in your work flow and are especially helpful if you are “it” when it comes to the recruitment team in your company!

Spelling and grammar mistakes become a thing of the past

Time is money right. So how often do you read back over your emails before you hit “send”. Probably not often enough. By using templates that are thoroughly checked for correct spelling and grammar, you create a more professional impression with candidates.

You ensure consistency of content

When you send an email to candidates as part of your recruitment process, you have the opportunity to convey a range of information to candidates at the same time. Use this opportunity well.

Whilst confirming interview details might be your core message, by providing your social media account links and relevant video content etc, you are able to convey so much more to each candidate about your company every time you communicate with them.

By setting up professional and comprehensive recruitment email templates (complete with relevant links to your company website/social media channels etc), you are improving your employee brand with candidates in the market – regardless of whether they end up working with you or not.

Your messages are carefully crafted to be candidate focused

By taking the time up front to create recruitment email templates, you are able to ensure that each email contains candidate focused messaging. Let’s be honest. We are not all word smiths. And yet this is the skill set required to create a compelling set of recruitment email templates to create an impressive candidate experience.

By engaging assistance to create carefully crafted, candidate focused email templates ahead of time, you ensure each communication with candidates, creates a positive brand impression and an “all about you” content focus.

Creating personality and connection

Don’t get me wrong. Once you have created email templates, you should feel free to alter them slightly for each candidate you email. This makes the communication even more personalised and enhances the candidate experience.

The way you alter each template will vary depending, amongst other things, on the type of company you are, your values and culture, the industry you work within and the seniority of the role.

Language that is right for one company may appear disingenuous or completely inappropriate for another. And remember, if you do make changes to the email template, thoroughly spell check the content before you send the email out.

Experiment a little with your recruitment email templates

As with any new recruitment process, experiment a little with the language you use in your recruitment email templates and the contact you add (video content is becoming increasingly popular). And regularly ask for feedback from candidates on how they have enjoyed your recruitment process, including the email content sent to them throughout the recruitment campaign.

Small amendments to your email copy here and there, based on candidate feedback, will assist you to hone your messages to the candidate market and improve the candidate experience.

Want to overhaul your existing email templates for candidates? In search of some new recruiting email template inspiration to get started? I can help. Get in touch and I will send you a suite of email templates you can use throughout your recruitment process.

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