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Recruitment Marketing – Do your digital recruitment documents stand out from the crowd?

Recruiting the best talent in the marketplace relies on creating an exceptional, professional and innovative recruitment experience for candidates.

The written communication you provide to candidates during the recruitment process, whether supplied in person or via digital channels, plays a pivotal role in shaping the candidate experience. This article outlines 7 ideas your company can implement really easily to demonstrate your commitment to innovation and improve the digital documents and assets you use as part of your recruitment process.

Much of the information you provide to candidates during the recruitment process is now delivered digitally. This presents a powerful opportunity to demonstrate your progressive and innovative company approach to communications delivery.

If you are simply “digitising” existing hard copy documentation content, you are doing your company reputation a disservice.

To stand out in the crowd and capture the attention of candidates, your recruitment documentation may need an overhaul.

Here are 7 ideas for innovation in digital documentation provision during the recruitment process:

  1. If you have not outlined your recruitment process on your company website, email a contemporary and professional infographic to candidates before they attend an interview with you.
  2. For senior role vacancies, consider creating a digital e-book that outlines key information about the role and your company – don’t just convert a hard copy Candidate Information Pack into an uninspiring PDF document.
  3. Email Position Descriptions (PD) that are up to date, contemporary and error free! Add relevant infographics or links to your website to make the PD more interactive.
  4. Consider creating a (professional) video of your employees in your work environment. Take this opportunity to showcase any social justice and corporate extra curricular activities your company supports as well.
  5. When sending emails to candidates, add relevant links to the email footer to improve each candidate’s understanding of your company
  6. Not every company has the benefit of using customised recruitment systems to ensure email and text content is error free. Review all standard emails sent to candidates. Make no mistake, you can detrimentally impact the candidate experience if you send out emails and texts containing errors.
  7. Send contemporary and relevant on-boarding documents to candidates via email including form provision in easy to use digital format

Any written communication during a recruitment campaign plays an important role in demonstrating your professionalism.

In a very competitive market, demonstrate your commitment to innovation by utilising digital channels to guide candidates through your recruitment process.  Position yourself as a progressive, forward thinking company and stand out from the crowd.

Tips for companies looking for talent

  1. Pull together the existing physical and digital communications you supply to candidates during your recruitment process. Are the documents consistent? Is the branding consistent across the entire suite of documents? How could you improve the content and the way you provide it to candidates as part of the recruitment process?
  2. Seek out some of your recent hires. Ask them how they felt about the documentation provided to them. Ask them for feedback on any documents that didn’t impress them. Also ask them if they felt there were any gaps in the information provided to them.
  3. Sit down with the most relevant stakeholders in your business to explore what improvements can be made to the documents you provide as part of the recruitment process. Consider the 7 innovative ideas above. Brainstorm some ways you could improve existing documentation that you provide to candidates. Jump on line and see what your competitors are doing. If reviewing the entire documentation suite is overwhelming, focus on re-drafting your most essential documents first.

Tips for talented individuals looking for work

  • Before you attend an interview, take a look at the company’s website. See if the company outlines their recruitment process on their Careers or Employment page. Any information outlined will help you feel more comfortable with the recruitment process.

Need help to review and improve the digital documents you use as part of your recruitment process? Get in touch with me. Whether you need a complete overhaul of your digital document suite or a quick “tune up”, I would love to help.

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