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Top podcasts for a thriving career

Are you keen to find new ways to build your career prospects? It can be tough to stand out from the digital crowd to build a thriving career. Listening to top podcasts can help. In this article you will learn how podcasts can help to build the career of your dreams. It also teaches you where to find the best podcasts for your industry and how to fit top podcasts into your daily routine.

What is a podcast

Let’s start by looking at what a podcast is.

A podcast is a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device. Typically podcasts are available as a series (called episodes) and new installments can be received by subscribers automatically.

There is no doubt that quality podcasts can enhance your career journey. Top podcasts are an information sharing, inspiration giving digital asset. They bring together knowledgeable and interesting people to share ideas, thinking and new concepts that shape our future industries.

So grab your smart device of choice and let’s find some podcasts capable of transforming your career prospects.

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Career benefits of listening to podcasts

When you regularly listen to podcasts, your career benefits in many ways. Here are just a few of those benefits:

Improved knowledge

Podcasts are a great source of new information. I barely listen to a podcast episode without learning something new. What I learn varies. Often it is about an emerging industry trend, a fresh perspective or point of view or new idea that influences how I feel about the industry I work within.

In many instances, podcasters will talk about key issues in your sector and provide ideas for solving key industry problems and challenges.

Learning new things about your sector, industry or role, allows you to contribute more meaningfully to your company. Podcasts have the potential to help you solve problems in your workplace. They help you think of new and innovative ways of approaching your work and they might even provide the inspiration for a new product or service offering.

Mentioning reputable podcasts in workplace conversations, client meetings, job interviews and at industry events demonstrates your commitment to your career and your sector. Sharing ideas you’ve learnt via top podcasts demonstrates your desire to continuously learn and grow as a professional.

Grow your network

When you find a podcaster who resonates with you, you can connect with them on digital platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media accounts. Not only will you then learn from top podcasters via their episodes, you will also benefit from the content they share on their other digital platforms.

This connection in itself is likely to open new digital doors for you professionally. This is because top podcasters often host guests speakers on their episodes. Those guest speakers are also great people to connect with online.

So you can see that by listening to top podcasts, you can grow your professional network with new and valuable connections.

Add value to others

Next time someone in your professional networks asks you if you’ve listened to any great podcasts lately, you will be able to offer a super confident YES. Adding value to others in your professional network is one part of building your personal brand.

Offering podcast suggestions either in person or via your digital platforms (LinkedIn etc) shows others in your network that you are proactive in helping your professional connections to build their industry knowledge as well.

Finding top podcasts for your industry

Warming to the idea of listening to a podcast or two but not sure how to find them? It can be hard to find quality podcasts. This is because anyone can start a podcast so the quality of content can vary.

To find the best podcasts for your career, ask those you trust if they can recommend any podcasts to you.

Simply doing a quick Google search is another great way to discover quality podcasts. Don’t start from scratch. Others may have already done the hard work for you. Pull up your search engine of choice and type the phrase “best [industry] podcasts” or “top [industry] podcasts” to find lists of reviewed podcasts for your industry.

Another great way to get ideas for top podcasts in your sector is to see who the key influencers in your sector listen to. Find where key influencers in your sector hang out online. Maybe that’s LinkedIn, Twitter or on their own website. Take a look around their “digital homes” and you are likely to find they are connected with other industry influencers, some of whom may host podcasts.

Finding free podcasts

There are two types of podcast. Free podcasts and paid podcasts. Before emptying your bank account, listen to some free podcasts to make sure the format is for you.

You can find free podcasts in a whole lot of different places. Check our Lifehacker’s article on How To Find Better Podcasts here for a detailed guide on the best way to up your podcast listening game.

Fitting podcasts into your daily routine

“I have plenty of free time and am always looking for something to do”, said no one ever! Finding time to listen to podcasts in your busy life can be tricky. The easiest way to integrate podcast listening into your daily life is to merge in into one of your usual routines.

For example, you could listen to a podcast during your morning or afternoon commute. Got kids and often feel like a taxi service? Consider listening to a podcast or two whilst you are scooting them from here to there across your week. This might mean you only get to listen to snippets at a time but hey, that’s better than nothing.

Heading out for your daily walk? Pop in some headphones and voila, career building industry knowledge and inspo delivered.


Listening to podcasts makes you a more informed, connected and knowledgeable professional and illustrates your commitment to growing your career. Hopefully this article has inspired you to find top podcasts that can give your career a lift.

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