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Candidate you just interviewed not right for the job? It’s not wasted time – here’s why.

So, you have just walked away from a candidate interview and worked out that, the candidate you saw, is not the right fit for your open role. Wasted time, right? Wrong. There are many more benefits to meeting a candidate, regardless of them being shortlisted for the role you have interviewed them for.

I know, I know. Interviews are very time consuming. Working in recruitment for over 20 years, I have led my fair share of interviews where I have realised, often very quickly, that the candidate I am interviewing is not right for the role or the company I am interviewing them for.  

But, there is a silver lining. The time you spend with candidates is NEVER wasted, as long as you have the right mindset.

Here are some of the other benefits you will still realise:

You have created a brand impression with someone new

There is always the chance that that candidate may become a customer, a client, a strategic partner one day.

Don’t forget this, even when you know a candidate is not right for your company or the role they are interviewing for. Professionalism and common courtesy should always prevail.

You’ve planted the seed about the role and what you are looking for – bring on the referrals!

Whilst you may agree with the candidate that they are not right for the role they are being interviewed for, they are very likely to know others in their network who may be a better fit.

Candidates are very likely to refer others from their professional or personal network if they are not successful for a role, as long as that message is delivered professionally and with empathy.

You have added a person to your talent pool pipeline

Assuming the candidate you interviewed aligns with your company values, you have just added another candidate to your talent pool for future role opportunities.

You have spent some more time “practicing” your selling skills

Every interview offers a chance to hone your skills in “selling” a role and your company to candidates. And each time you deliver those messages you improve on your delivery and confidence in selling the opportunity and the company.

You may have created a brand ambassador for the future

Whenever you treat a candidate with respect and professionalism, they can become brand ambassadors in the marketplace.

Any candidate you meet has an extensive personal and professional network that they talk to – make sure the message being communicated about your company is a positive one.

You learn more about the candidates’ job hunting experience

Invariably in an interview, you will talk with a candidate about their current job hunting experience. Use this opportunity to learn more about what they look for in a recruitment process and what frustrates them.

In many cases, you can use their feedback to improve the overall candidate experience in your recruitment process.  

With so many candidate interview benefits, there is no need to hang your head when you walk away from any interview.

Change your perspective and you will realise that, despite the fact you may not have hit the target for your current role, every candidate interview contributes to your employer brand in some way.

Now, who are you going to interview next?

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