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Reinventing the interview process

It wasn’t so long ago that companies interviewed candidates 3-5 times before hiring talented people. Whilst this may still have a place in some workplaces, the length of a recruitment process should be re-visited often.

Digital disruption is impacting how companies recruit talent. In many cases it is markedly reducing the time to hire. Are you keeping pace? Have you benchmarked your recruitment process against competitors lately?

5 ways to reduce your time to hire:

  1. Leverage technology – Consider how technology can assist you to improve your recruitment process
  2. Pre-plan campaigns with key stakeholders within the company. Lock in indicative interview dates before you start interviewing. This means the interview process will run smoothly with no time delays.
  3. Re-design the content of each interview – If you currently have a multi interview process – could you combine some aspects to reduce the number of interviews required?
  4. Ask more questions of talented professionals – If your preferred candidate is considering other opportunities, be agile and adaptive. Find ways to expedite your recruitment process to secure top talent.

Demonstrate your interest in top candidates by finding ways, on the fly, to get that talented candidate in front of whomever is required to ensure you have a shot at bringing them on board

5. Get feedback from those who have joined you recently – It is always tremendously helpful to talk with people who have been through your recruitment process. Ask them how they found the process and what they think could be improved. Even small changes to your interview process will make a difference over time.

Securing the best talent for your company is often not just about finding the right match but also the speed with which you can make an offer.

That is not to say that you should sacrifice a quality interview process for a speedy one, but there is no doubt that you can gain significant competitive advantage by reducing your current recruitment process length.

Does your interview process require an overhaul? Get in touch to see how I can assist you.

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