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Building networks online

Digital disruption has made it possible to share information and ideas with others in your professional circle easily, 24/7, anywhere in the world. And many of you have probably dabbled in communicating with those in your online professional network to test out this new, and quite frankly, inspiring way to connect with others.

This article answers the question, aside from written content (text), what other mediums can I use to create content and share it with my network online?

Read on for some new ideas to take the next step in your online connection and collaboration journey.

Creative Content Sharing

There are so many ways to create interesting, informative and useful content for others in your professional network. Some ideas include:

Video Content

Video content is becoming increasingly popular with digital nomads and is proven to be a super engaging form of content to share. Whether you create your own videos or share videos created by reputable people in your sector, make sure the content entertains, informs or inspires those in your professional network.

If you are creating your own video content, you don’t need to spend a fortune but you do need to make sure that you articulate yourself well. It can be useful to add written content to your videos as people often watch them in places where they cannot listen to the audio.

Digital platforms that videos work best on

Consider creating quick videos where you talk about key industry topics, convey your point of view about something specific or offer some quick tips that others in your network could learn from.

Video content will draw an audience on any digital platform really. Although short, sharp clips are best for places like Twitter and Instagram. LinkedIn tends to be a better place for longer form content (although quick vids work here too).


Infographics have become super easy to create with tools like Canva. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words – keep things nice and concise with an infographic instead. You can create infographics to explore key industry trends, to represent processes and procedures or even to provide top tips to others in your network. There are so many other applications as well – your imagination is the only limit.

Digital platforms Infographics work best on

Post infographics on your LinkedIn feed (including relevant hashtags) and Twitter (a link might be better than including the infographic itself as it might be hard to read on a small screen).

How To Guides

Sometimes you underestimate how much you know about “insert a topic you know A LOT about here”. Creating How To Guides for others can be super helpful for people in your network.

Digital platforms How To Guides work best on

LinkedIn and your personal website are the most common places to house your How To Guides. If you are active on Pinterest, this is another great place to reflect professionally prepared How To Guides. Depending on the sector you work within, you might create a How To Guide to show others how to make things, conduct specific tasks or activities, solve common problems etc

YouTube clips

This is another way of showing video content and when done well, will resonate with many people in your network. If you are looking for some inspiration in relation to what content to create, Google what others in your sector have already created. This should be a spring board for ideas you could consider.

Digital platforms YouTube videos work best on

Twitter (short clips only) is a great digital place for YouTube videos as is Instagram. If you plan to create a number of YouTube clips, you might want to consider creating your own branded YouTube channel.


If you have been a guest speaker at an industry event or presented internally on something that could add value to others in your professional network – share it. You can share your slides or a video of the presentation itself.

Digital platforms Presentations work best on

The best digital platforms to share your presentations includes your professional LinkedIn profile and your personal website (if you have one). But make sure that the presentation doesn’t contain any intellectual property that isn’t yours to share.

If you are looking to also share the slides of your presentation, you might like to add a link in the Projects section of your LinkedIn profile.

Scholarly Reports and Research

Nothing says “key industry influencer” more than reports, research or academic studies you have been involved with. These documents are highly credible and will be very well received by your network of contacts.

Digital platforms Scholarly Reports and Research work best on

Creating a LinkedIn post and adding links to specific research work well. If you have a personal website this is another great place to share your research work. If you are contributing to professional conversations on digital forums, providing a link to your work here is also a relevant way to raise your professional profile and credibility in your sector.

Build and share resources, tools and useful technology

In your professional life you will come across resources, tools and technology that make your work life infinitely easier – they are likely to improve the work lives of your network as well.

Share that information on platforms such as LinkedIn and your personal website if you have one. In a world filled with digital noise, those in your network will welcome any hidden gems you find and share with them.

Digital platforms sharing resources, tools and technology works best on

Sharing these resources on your LinkedIn profile is a useful thing to do. Make sure you outline why the resource, tool or technology helps you and why you think it will help others in your network as well.

A Resources page on your personal website is also a useful concept to consider. There you can create links to the resources, tools and technology directly.

Showcase innovative practices

Often this is more about sharing the content of others although it may be that you have come up with an innovative practice yourself. You might write about this innovation in an article or blog post or simply share a video that demonstrates the innovative practice in action.

Digital platforms showcasing innovative practices works best on

A couple of great places to share innovative practices includes your LinkedIn profile feed, via Twitter, Instagram or your personal website.

Share content to grow your professional brand

In a digital world, the ability to add value to those around you in a professional context has never been easier. Take some time to really think about the content that will add REAL value to others.

Build your digital profile on the platforms used most often by your professional network (eg LinkedIn, Twitter etc). Then share willingly, professionally and don’t forget to attribute work to others as appropriate.

You will quickly work out which content resonates with your network best as people will like, comment or re-share the best content you share.

As you can see, there are so many ways to share and contribute to the online conversation in your industry – start today and watch your professional reputation grow.

Need help building a professional LinkedIn profile or expand your digital footprint? I can help. Get in touch to learn how.

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